Pest Control


We treat all baseboards, cabinets and closets that we can get to safely.  We also treat attics, garages, window sill areas, doors, plumbing areas and the outside foundation around the weep holes and other perimeter areas.  We also check for termite activity during each treatment.  Should we find any problems, we recommend a treatment designed to control the infestation.


We treat the entire yard for ants, fleas, ticks and other pests.  For yards with fire ant problems, we also spot treat ant mounds in addition to spraying the yard.

Animal Control – Rodents and Animal Trapping

We treat home and yards for small rodents such as mice and rats.  For larger animals such as raccoons and opossums, as well as skunks, snakes, and other animals, we may refer a specialist who uses live traps so they may be released unharmed back into their natural environment.

Real Estate Inspections

We offer prompt WDI inspections for VA/FHA and conventional loans.  All inspections are printed on state mandated forms.  We work closely with your Realtor to provide the inspection in a timely manner.  Insect Assassins Pest Control, Inc. strives to send the WDI report to you and your Realtor via email the same day the inspection is performed.  We also can provide assistance with professional home inspector referrals for your other inspections.
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